TKO Custom Art & Publications

by Thanya Olenyk

Introducing Day Dreamer
Vampire fanatic Evangeline dreams of a happily ever after. Not willing to settle for the next best thing, she won’t give up the idea that her happy ending is out there, somewhere.

When she meets the man she thinks could bring that dream to life, she’s desperate to find out more. Who is the mysterious Gabriel, anyway?

As their attraction grows, Evangeline suspects there’s far more to him than meets the eye. But just as they are about to become a “real” couple, tragedy strikes. Has her happily ever after slipped through her fingertips?

TKO Custom Art


Thanya lives in Carstairs, Alberta, with her boyfriend, her daughter, and their two dogs. She is an artist and owner of TKO Custom Art. Day Dreamer is her first novel.

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